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Everything you need is within your calendar, at your fingertips: important context, past meeting notes, and more. Try it, it's free!

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All your actions are one keystroke away

Open Hera

Create event

Share availability

Join meeting

Share your availability across timezones

Cut through the endless “I can’t do 9 am, what about 2 pm?” emails. Simply drag and drop open time slots and Hera will craft you a message to send.

Schedule meetings without friction

Schedule a meeting using natural language from anywhere on your Mac with a global shortcut.

Be prepared for all your meetings

Get valuable insights prior to joining a meeting: previous meeting notes, LinkedIn profiles of all attendees, and more.

Be on time

Join every virtual meeting with just one click. Running late? No problem. Hera can send all participants an email to expect you shortly.

Hera integrates with all platforms:

Hera is built with your needs in mind

I use Hera on a daily basis and I am impressed with how the product evolves. The team is so mindful about my feedback, that it really feels like I’m shaping the product experience myself and that I have features of my own!

Pierre Marie Mogenet, Product Manager at Qonto

Hera gives me back time on a daily basis. From getting faster to an online meeting to send my availabilities, managing my calendar is becoming easy. Every feature is based on customers’ feedbacks and I’m happy to help them build the product I want to use.

Thomas Demoncy, Growth Product Manager at Plato

Everything at your fingertips with 
smart search

With one shortcut, search your calendar by meeting attendee, event title, keywords from your notes, and more.

Meeting notes, your way

Hera meets you where you’re at with different display modes. Ready to focus? Try out Hera's focus mode. Or take meeting notes on the fly with detached mode.

A calendar made for distributed teams and virtual meetings

Must have a Gsuite account and Mac


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