Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple accounts to Hera?

Not yet; adding multiple Gsuite accounts from Hera will be supported in December. Currently, Hera gives you access to all the calendars you've access to with the GSuite account you've used to sign up in Hera.

Which video conferencing tools is Hera supporting?

Joining a meeting from Hera will open any video conferencing tool (Zoom, Gmeet, Whereby, Teams etc.) found in the calendar invitation.

When scheduling a meeting from Hera, you can automatically add a Zoom or Gmeet link.

I have Gsuite account but I'm on Windows - can I still use Hera?

No, unfortunately you cannot use Hera yet. You need to be on MacOS right now to enjoy Hera calendar!

How much will Hera cost me?

Hera is in private beta and free for the next few months. We expect onboarded users to provide us with as much feedback as possible :)

We expect pricing to be more around team mode and collaboration within Hera, and we want to keep a free version for individuals.

Can I download the product with no onboarding session?

Onboardings are a way for us to build relationship with users and get feedback on the product. They are mandatory for now - once we launch publicly in a few months, the product will become self serve.

Please let us know if you only have 10min, we can make the onboarding call super quick :)

Can I use Hera on my phone?

Not yet! Hera is a Mac OS desktop app only for now. A mobile app will be developed in 2022, as well as a web app.

Where is the information stored?

Your data (list of calendars you have access to, calendar events, and notes) are stored in databases hosted on Amazon Web Services, following security best practices.

Every action we take (creation, edit, deletion) on your calendar events are done through Google Calendar API.

We don't store information about your contacts, we only pull them from Google to give you suggestions of attendees.